Everything starts with the selection of leather, where the tact, vision and imagination is focused on designing a shoe which will shine on the dancefloor or in the moment where the woman who wears them will shine.



The nature of the raw material to be used is fundamental in determining the quality of the shoes, so the designer herself is responsible for the selection. ANGELINA works with a leather factory well-known for its variety and quality. In the tannery, located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, she is responsible for checking the newly tanned hides one by one, and choosing only the best, the ones which ANGELINA shoes deserve. The leather which ANGELINA uses is calfskin, up to the age of six months.



Only the pieces that show a smooth surface without any marks or damage, which have uniform thickness, elasticity and flexibility, and are in the best condition for dyeing, are selected. The chosen suede and enamel leather which originally come from Argentine, have the highest quality and have been processed in Europe.



Besides its impeccable quality, the distinctive point of ANGELINA is our proposal to offer a great variety of designs. In order to achieve this we have created a special line of silk and satin which give life to the stylish and sensible shoes, a combination of qualities that cannot be achieved only through leather. So we use the best Italian textures, with good thickness and durability.