"Simplicity is the best way to show a beautiful woman", is a concept that is engraved on each ANGELINA design as a source of inspiration. Feminine colors and harmonius figures are part of this idea and are embodied in our shoes.



When tracing the designs, it is essential to take into account the nature of the leather, such as its elasticity, its strength and its porousness, a characteristic that allows for the foot's natural breathing and, thanks to the permeability of vapor, prevents sweating. In addition, while designing each model we take into account the combination of textures of different types of leather as well as the parity of the enamel colors.



Behind each pair of Angelina there is a designer who creates them with love and with that same passion, is a professional tango dancer. Thanks to this peculiarity, ANGELINA combines a special heel for dancing which is extremely tough, but stylish, tall and elegant, with a careful profile line of extreme delicacy which has a responsibility to make women’s legs shine.



The designs are of pastel colors and have fine details that exalt the female character, such as buckles with rhinestones or decorations in fantasies that allow you to play with a balance between simplicity and coquette, a touch of distinction that makes them charming. It's a shoe designed to shine, and lets the woman who wears them be bright.