Q. Where can I try and buy ANGELINA?

A. Angelina has showrooms in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. Please visit the showrooms nearby and try to find your perfect shoes with our special assistance. Those who live far away from these showrooms, you can get shipping from Buenos Aires directly sending your order from our catalog page, for further informations, refer to Delivery Condition.


To visit showroom in Buenos Aires, Argentina, please reserve via e-mail: info@angelinashoes.com, with 1) your name, 2) country, 3) request of date and time to visit.


Q. What is the price of shoes?

A. Depending on the countries, we have different prices, tax, and shipping. please feel free to contact each showroom.


Q. How to pay?

A. You can use Paypal, Bank Transfer to Japan/Australia/Europe, also depending on each showroom, credit card might be acceptable.


Q. How do I find my size?

A. Angelina's mold is rather wider than any other tango shoes to comfort your foot, you may fit one size smaller in Angelina. Angelina has made totally by HANDMADE, depending on materials and their tactile property, you might feel a bit different even if it is the same size. It is recommended to try once before make an order. Return Policy.


Q. I have a special foot, can I ask custom-made-shoes?

A. Yes, you can order your special Angelina only for yourself. For example, `size 37, but with width of 36 (narrower)', higher/lower heels, and use special design/material. To order custom-made-shoes, it takes min. 2 weeks plus shipping date, normally one~two months to receive the shoes. The price to order shoes, please feel free to contact each showroom. Delivery Condition.


Q. How much is shipping and tax?

A. As for domestic/international orders from each showroom, please ask each showroom. From Argentina, all the International orders are shipped via DHL or Post office. Please refer to Delivery Condition. As for the import tax, please refer to custom policy of your country.


Q. If the shoes does not fit me, can I exchange or return?

A. Please follow to 'Return Policy' in each showroom. When you buy shoes from Buenos Aires showroom, please refer to this Return Policy.


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